Movie Review: Fright Night (2011)



The movie opens with a scene of a sub-division, an isolated one, and a bit of a square surrounded by nothing. In the distance, bright city lights, we find out later it’s Vegas. It makes sense for a lot of things(don’t worry, Charley will remind you many times that it make sense!)

So single mom, Jane (Toni Collette), a real estate agent, has a new neighbour. Jerry has a dumpster in his front lawn that Jane needs to do something about before it affects house prices in the neighbour-hood, i.e., her commission. With no suspense, a family was killed, and we know it was vampire killings, cause corpses are in full display with double-fang holes on their necks (lots of blood on the floor though, wasteful vampire I must say).

Jerry (Colin Farrell) is the vampire! we know that in the trailer, so no spoiler here. He comes and goes in his truck. Charley (Anton Yelchin…Oh ya, the Russian kid in Star Trek), Jane’s son, is the main character, and a nerd turns popular because he has this chick that likes him! So lots of teenager’s love and stuff.

Charley’s old buddy Ed – bedroom full of vampire slaying info – is the comic relief here, and he makes Charley a believer when Ed attends classes no more: disappeared.

Finally, half way through, some much needed special effect when Charley rescues hottie neighbour out of Jerry’s dungeon (nothing fancy or scary, just drywalls, doors and simple locks).

We are now in Vegas, big show, lots of merchandises promoting vampire slayer Peter Vincent (David Tennet). Is he a fake orf a real slayer? The rehearsal scene looks very much like when Keanu Reeves was locked up in bed in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)”.

Okay, then it gets into some ridiculous action sequences: trailer gas leak, house blown up, but amazingly no injuries! Mom, son, girlfriend, try to get out of town… vampire follows. Vampire got stab all twisted like that thing in “Legion (2009)”.

Finally vampire is dead, girlfriend is saved… mom is looking for a new house. Happy ever after!

I vaguely remember the 1985 version, but it was more plausible that this colour by numbers version.



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