I am Number Four (2011)

What I like about this movie is that I don’t know any actors, cause they are all very young! It’s a movie about aliens on earth based on a novel by Pittacus Lore (Wikipedia) of the same name. Right away we know the movie is about aliens; the giveaway is a dagger with blue LED light handle. Number Four refers to the fact that there were three before Number Four. He is alien obviously, but with no power, only illuminated bad burns, at the beginning. Each of these “Numbers” , i.e., more to come, is protected by a warrior from that planet they came from. Assigned for Number Four is Henri (Timonthy Olyphant – He is good in Damages, not bad in Hitman), is he French? Despite he is tech-savvy and all that, he gets killed and only his ashes swirl up to space, special I  guess. Despite Number Three dies instantly, ashes dissipated. Poof!

Anyway, the main plot is alien looking for other type of alien to extinguish. Why? we don’t know, but both types came to our blue marble.

Number Four (Alex Pettyfer), John Smith, wants to go to school, despite Henri warns him his identity may be exposed. Other than being a horny teen, I can’t figure out why he insists to attend high school, even faking his own admission paper to get in! Well, John meets Sarah, they fall in love. Other than being an alien and all that, we need to accept that biologically they will be fine! Since we are told alien, Number X,  chooses only one that he spends his life together. Okay, he looks human, I will buy that… I just need to think that he is like Leeloo (Fifth Element (1997)) with slightly different DNAs.

The bad aliens look like John Travolta in Battlefield Earth (2000) sans hair, i.e., bald, and they don’t speak English, except the leader of the pack. Somehow, he learned it… maybe from same high school?

Anyway, aliens chase aliens, aliens smell aliens, beagle morphs into nasty alien (shape shifter actually), whole football field ends up like Chernobyl, and John has to leave Sarah for the time being, until he finds the rest of his pack to fend off the bad aliens for good. Since she is the ONE, he promises to come back. Okay, he is no longer horny and ready to settle down, or suddenly and subtlety we need to believe in true love and abstinence?

If Number Six (Teresa Palmer), Jane Doe, carries  the plot, I think it will be more interesting, especially she has an Australian accent?! Ah yes, I bet she insisted to go to school in Australia instead of in US or in Canada, that’ll make sense. Truthfully, she is so cool compares to our horny hero John: black leather, motorbike, sunglasses, gymnastic, Jessica Alba’s Sue Storm (Fantastic Four (2005)) protective shield… she just kick-asses! BTW, her warrior protector dies too! So much for protection.

No sequel news yet? If so will it be “I am Number Six and Seven”? or a prequel,”I am Number One”.



2 thoughts on “I am Number Four (2011)

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