MacGruber (2010)

MacGruber (film)

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To be honest, I never watched  MacGyver, but I know he solved problems out of unusual items. However, I did watch that episode of MacGruber with Betty White in SNL. So I know a bit about it before picking this blu-ray disc (must have a market to produce this in blu-ray) up from the library.

Dieter von Cunth (Val Kilmer) is the bad guy in the movie. You will see lots of play-on-phonics satires like Dieter name! It’s not a total gross-out movie, but it has fair share of toilet jokes, sex jokes, gay jokes,…in other words, vulgarity. So if you are offended by such, SKIP! Otherwise, it’s an okay movie.

One thing I can’t shake is MacGruber (Will Forte) facial resemblance to ex- CTV Canada AM‘s host, Seamus O’Reagan. Bridesmaid’s (Kristen Wiig) is Vicki St. Elmo. In one of the scenes, I don’t know if intended or not, where Vicki captured and tied up by Dieter, Dieter says,” always a bridesmaid, never a bride!”, either it is plug for her movie, or just said as a cliché?!

There are lots of LOL moments, like when Vicki impersonates MacGruber with a earpiece following orders while ordering a tea in a café waiting for the bad guy to show up; or the distraction trick performed by both MacGruber and later Lt. Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe); or MacGruber shameless submission moments to Piper and Col. James Faith (Powers Boothe); or the love-making scenes with Vicki, and later with his dead wife, Casey (Maya Rudolph) in the graveyard on her tombstone! I think the cast makes this movie work, and funny. Even Batman, Val, is quite good in it, with a hint of Doctor Evil. The ending is priceless, and gross!!

Perhaps, it was with these uncensored badnesses that made this movie quite a surprise sleeper.



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