This is a sombre movie with few actors, minimal dialogues, slow pace, dark background, claustrophobic, and isolated! The best representation of any form of addiction. Most addicts are introspective, they lock themselves in them, and that’s how director Steven McQueen portrays this, sexual addiction, maladie through mostly visual contents, not verbal!

The power of the movie surged after I walked out of the theater. In fact, I kinda getting bored while watching it, cause as mention above, it is slow! There are tons of awkward moments, like sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan), flirting with married boss, David (James Badge Dale), and ends up in his brother, Brandon (Michael Fassbender) only bedroom, and worse, while brother waiting outside in the living room. Colleague sex is another taboo moment, but essential to show an addict detachment from normality, i.e. “conventional” relationship.

If you read any psychology texts about sexual addiction, you know the concept of voyeurism and exhibitionism, twice displays in the movie. Honestly, with the hype about Fassbender “very noticeable” full frontal, (even Clooney acknowledged it in 2012 Golden Globes Award show) I bet most people who were there with me had a bit of voyeurism in them too. As predicted, media just loves to make such a big deal about it! (I googled Thierry Lhermitte, famous french actor, with his also very noticeable full frontal and close-up in Une affaire privée, and came up with nothing!…oh, just realize Marian Cotillard (La Vie En Rose (2007)) is just as naked!).

Back to Shame, at the end I think the movie is really about the lost of feelings, of any types. Taking a leap of logic, this is no different from moives that metaphorically use zombies to describe un-human existence, i.e., neither dead nor alive! Or more philosophical movies like The Matrix, i.e., controlled soul-less robotic life .  Alas in Shame, director, Steve McQueen gives us hope, and humanity.

It is expected to be out on DVD in April 2012 (, RENT it or STREAM it through your source! Best to watch alone; otherwise, you will stare at each other in deep silence, or if you are both extroverts, swear words sure to fly.


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