The Stepfather (2009)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb


I know it had all the elements of a film, but why I felt so unsettle while fast-forwarding this? It had great potential, but nothing was capitalized. So for people who actually paid $12 to see it, I guess you stayed there until the end, because you hoped it would tell who Davis Harris (Dylan Walsh) truly was, and why he became a serial killer , and why he always picked single/divorced/widowed mom with three kids? Guess you wasted precious $12, and should have watch an episode of Criminal Minds instead.

So, right away we know David is a killer. O Holy Night with creepy melody playing in the background, bodies scatter in the living room and kitchen, a kid under the Christmas tree, another kid’s head lying beside a bowl of cereals, mom has two holes on her back, and a girl beside the stairs eyes wide open. See, this is a I-don’t-even-know-what-to-label movie, is it a drama about family dealing with a divorce ?a moral tale of not asking a stranger out for pizza and getting an engagement?   a story, US failed immigration policy, about someone who could go undetected in US for all he wants? or is it a film just because someone produced it. Mind you both Dylan Walsh and Susan Harding (Sela Ward) put out some great acting chops in it, but was that enough?

Anyway, of course, eldest son, Michael Harding (Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley) coming back home feeling all uncomfortable with mom’s new fiancé, and his cliché family speech at dinners, in his bedroom, in his car, in restaurant… He catches lies after lies, he just can’t trust the guy. Is Mike paranoid and confused likens other kids with divorced parents. So many clues… but he just wants to, make out with girlfriend, Kelly Porter (Amber Heard), and be left alone. Spoiler alert: teenagers semi-naked in pool, in house, in bedroom, in his bedroom, in her bedroom,…while step-daddy is always watching!

Moving alone then, shall we? hot-headed ex-husband Jay Harding (Jon Tenney) doesn’t like David either: usually ex-es don’t (except real life Bruce Willis), so let’s guess where Jay ends up after calling the alumni office checking David out! BTW, Susan’s sister, Jackie Kerns (Paige Turco) is lesbian (nothing’s wrong with it) is it because we want to depict an open-minded Kerns’ family? or is it now so common to have at least 1 gay brother or lesbian sister in a family; otherwise, the film will not be à la mode? Help me to understand, please?

Wonder why everyone later keeps asking, “Do you really know David, do you ,do you… really know him?” but lonely Susan says, “I am happy…” So glad that she finally stabs David on neck au style Fatal Attraction (1987) ‘s last scene. Then it comes the last minute climax where Michael, Kelly and mom run around the house. Michael pushes David out of the windows, and one lands on the roof, and the other drops on the ground. Michael is hospitalised, and …. Then the cliché showing a guy’s back, c’mon is this Friday the 13th(1980), where David is really Jason, i.e., who never dies.


I am just begging to know why David did what he did. BTW, what he does are so lame too, like squeezing an old lady’s nose, closing air supply, to kill her (OK, she got pushed down the stairs first)? Now, that is funny!

Glad I borrowed this from the library.

SKIP…If you do have an hour and half to kill, WATCH Sela Ward in CSI:NY (2004- TV) or Dylan Walsh in Unforgettable (2011) instead, cause they are capable actors.


2 thoughts on “The Stepfather (2009)

  1. Everything is not what it seems. Stepdad dying at the end, means stepdad is dead, but there is plenty more of him just like that in the world. We have to use our other sight, besides our physical eye sight, to read behind anything. There’s always an underlying message, which is the real message. I could analize this movie, but people usually lose their appetite when having to read a long time.


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