The Iron Lady (2011)

Margaret Thatcher, 1983

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This was not a biopic of the life of Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) while she was British Prime Minister, this was a movie depicts the suffer of an ageing dementia patient, who happened to be strong-will, decision-making, power-ambitious, glass-ceiling-breaking Margaret Thatcher. If you want a highlight of what she did as PM, watch the trailer and SKIP the movie, cause they were all there! I bet you the marketing machine didn’t want to sell a movie about dementia, so Thatcher’s fighting and struggling to power, failing and falling was the marketing M.O. instead.

A quick google search landed me with two articles(below) in 2008, which are more relevant to this movie than reading up Thatcher’s PM life in Wikipedia.

So did Meryl Streep portray an ageing dementia patient rightfully? YES.

As a THINKING person, losing her mind must be detrimental to her existence. So, the premise was that we were visualizing how a person pulling her strength from the great battles that she had fought to conquer the inner battles that she faced. (If you are interested of another interpretation of a FEELING person suffering through similar disease, Alzheimer, WATCH Sarah Polley‘s Away from her (2006), and see how Julie Christie portray Fiona Anderson.)

Of course Meryl Streep’s performance worths every bit of an Oscar nomination, but I have yet to see Michelle Williams in Weekend with Marilyn (2011) to compare. I think they are head-to-head in the category Oscar’s Best Female Actor.

The film was relatively short 105 mins (IMDb),which was totally satisfying. At the end, Thatcher succumbed to her beliefs, and washes her own teacup, now if that was not an operatic ending, I don’t know what is?

P.S. what is more appropriate than Bellini’s Norma Casta Diva interpreted by one and only Maria Callas used as background music when Thatcher exits 10 Downing Street?!Bravo.


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