We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)


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EXHAUSTED! Even her excited and adventurous moment at La Tomatina turned into an exhausted event with all the shuffling and pushing, and she ended up abandoned on the ground in a fetal position covered in red, tomatoes.

Eva (Tilda Swinton) wakes up from a slumber on her sofa. There is an empty wine glass and a bottle of prescription drugs. The room is untidy. She stands up, disoriented, hits the coffee table and spills all the pills on the floor. Her house was vandalized the night before, and that included her light yellow car. Let’s paint the house RED ( you will soon know that red is the theme colour for the entire film).

As much as Eva was disoriented in that scene, we feel very much the same way as audiences. Constantly, scenes are transitioning. One moment, she is an adventure tours  writer, next she gets hired to do typing and filing. Honestly, I am exhausted just watching her exhaustion: non-stop.

If we are successful in piecing everything together I guess the film is about a story of a fun-loving woman, who becomes an anxious, ambivalent, depressed, angry, hateful, protective and guilt-ridden mom. Perhaps, the film is also telling us that Eva  has a conscious, or unconscious fear of what her son, specifically, will turn out psychically and psychologically. Truthfully, especially if she doesn’t have a little brother, she really has no reference points as to how a boy grows into a young man. Hence, when she has her second child, a girl, everything seems normal, cause she knows based on her own childhood.

Purposely, the father, Franklin (John C. Reilly), is only shown three-ways: having sex or fooling around, coming home from work, and doing father’s things with his son. I guess the director wants to illustrate a stereotypical man’s role in a marriage, and in a father’s role where his wife deals with everything. Franklin is just not available most of the time, yet his son loves him!

Yes, their son is Kevin (Rock Duer,Jasper Newell,Ezra Miller) of course. Let’s talk about him then! Cute devilish todler, Diaper-wearing devilish 8 years old, and devil adolescence. Since the day Eva was asked to let her son out of her body, she has been mal à l’aise with his son, we can see on her vacant face after Kevin was born! and then the way she handles her son in the apartment. She even finds solace of the noise of jackhammering over her son crying in mid-Manhattan. Is she a bad mom? or is Kevin the bad one? Is she he, or he she?

Probably we have all read reviews of this film before going into the theatre, so we know Kevin kills his schoolmates in the gym massacre style! not with guns, but bow and arrows. His father thinks that he is good at Archery. Is his father to blame then? Isn’t he the facilitator with the encouragement and gifts?

Ultimately, I ask, what did Eva do to deserve all these? Maybe nothing, or everything? I don’t think we will ever know?

I went because of Tilda Swinton. Overall, the film was interesting: very RED and EXHAUSTING… RENT if you are really in the mood?


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