Dear John (2010)

Watched it for an hour! In fact, the first hour is quite plausible, and John (Channing Tatum) and Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) could make the “IT” couple Hollywood is so desperately seeking, they look natural together!

So love at first sight, John showing his muscle-toned body dividing in to recapture his beloved … It’s good from there on, they spend whole day together, as if they have known each other for ages. John is a soldier on leave, and doesn’t have a lot of time, so with Savannah on the same wavelength, they pretty much coupled within a day, introduced to John’s father, having regular dinners, dating-couple stuff.

John had a past, probably a tough guy. Maybe that’ why being a soldier suits him well. Gradually we know that Savannah is a rich girl, parents have a mansion, a stable …John is assigned for another combat, declares his love and promises to be back in a year. Then 9/11 comes around …

Letters are what keep them going with their relationship, and also what break them!

After an hour into the film, I guess life is not supposed to be that straight-forward, and thanks God we didn’t get Puccini’s Madama Butterfly on either side of the continent. I don’t know if the writer Jamie Linden wants to create something un-expected just because, for the last 30 minutes make no sense to me. In my mind, I just say,”REALLY!”. There are lots of ways to help someone short of being in a conjugal relationship!

I would be more content if the last 30 minutes tells a condensed version of English Patient(1996) or An Affair to Remember (1957), WHY? I expect “Dear John” to be what it is, and therefore, not with an implausible twisted plot that is neither endearing, nor tear-jerking.

WATCH the chemistry between Tatum and Seyfried.




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