The Perfect Host (2010)

Beverly Hills

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During a 14 hours international flight back to Toronto, I watched this film of which I had never heard. I previewed the trailer, and it was entertaining, so I pressed the view button and watched it on the 5 inches screen in front of me.

It started out with John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) in a heist of a local bank. He got shot and injured, and walks about in Beverly Hills trying to hideout in a vacant house to treat his wound, or at least some innocent person will take him in.

He comes across the house of Warwick Wilson (David Hyde Pierce), and pretends to be a friend of Warwick’s girl friend, who is still in Australia. Warwick let him in, and tells John that he is having a party and guests will be arriving soon. The house is immaculate! The table is set, and wine and foods in kitchen. John thinks that he hits jackpot again with this guy, alone and obviously more intellectual than physical, he will control him and have full use of his house…

Warwick offers John total and unquestioned hospitality with John chosen vintage red wine. John turns on Warwick and knocks him unconscious. John wakes up tied to the dinning chair, dis-oriented, double-vision, and has no recollection of what happens.

That’s when the fun of this film begins! I say it’s a bit of Saw(2004), or Silence of the Lambs (1991), or a bit of both? For sure, it’s psychological, hallucinating, plot-twisting, funny, bizzare, and more.

Be prepared to be on your edge, is Warwick just a simple Hollywood’s type? Has John tumbled into heaven to a nice house, great host and a party about to start? Why John robs a bank? Where is the money? Who gets the money? Did anyone die? How did they die? Intriguing isn’t it? A must WATCH!



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