Prometheus (2012): Analysis 1

** June 8, 2012: 1:50pm IMAX (Final Analysis!) **

Have always been a fan of the Alien Tetralogy, i.e., including Alien:Resurrection, and admittedly I like the AVP franchise too, I cannot wait to see Prometheus (2012) that claims to have the DNA of the first Alien (1979) film by Ridley Scott.

So far I have watched all the trailers, including the one with Guy Edward Pearce as Peter Weyland in TED 2023 (cross-marketing, checkout where he talks about the myth of Prometheus stealing fire and give to humankind, and punished by God with his liver picked and eaten everyday. Towards the end he proclaims that he can now produce human-like droids that is no different from human; hence, he has risen to the status of God.

The latest trailer we see:

1) River or waterfall, “A King has his reign and he dies…”

2) Hieroglyphic shows us to search for something in the sky

3) Cave, a Head boulder, rolls of cocoons like stuff, probe detected life-form, Elizabeth Shaw(Noomi Rapace) is fighting something inside her and tells us,”we were so wrong”, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) tells us to go home.

4) Gooey stuff, a little worm, eye infection, disfigured face, infection, hyper-sleep chambers, Space Jockey, the ship crashed…


1)Prometheus is the ship that goes out to search for meanings, so obviously the crew will discover something forbidden, and instead of leaving it behind, someone takes it with him/her and where all hell breaks.

2) The liver picking can be an analogy for later films when alien burst out of the chest, over and over again as soon as a human is impregnated.

3) David(Michael Fassbender), synthetic, could somehow implanted the alien’s DNA into himself wishing to become a “true” human (my theory). So the end of trailer, he says, “Big things have small beginnings”. He must be the Alien prototype! Organic and Synthetic.

4)So far I heard there will be no chest bursting creature, but for sure some sort of deformity.

5) In interview Fassbender says everyone has his or her own agenda! So some want to keep it , some want to nuke it. (Same premise Ripley has been advocating)

6)Elizabeth will be the heroine? I wonder if she develops immune or something, or she will be the one to go after David in the sequel? She is the sole survivor who knows the secret to kill the thing?

Fascinating and I haven’t seen a great trailer for a long-time. These days most just give the entire story away.These are real teasers! I book June 8 on my calendar for the first show in 3D! It’s like seeing Alien in 1979 with 70mm screen! Can’t wait.



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