Xmen: First Class (2011)

Didn’t like it the first time I saw it on the plane, and still don’t like it this time around watching on dvd. Why? too calculated and strictly a marketing plot:

1) selling to the younger demographics hoping to sell this movie and in the process, they will buy the original X-Men franchise’s dvds. (Well said Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)in cameo “F*** Off”, don’t know if that was intentional or not)

2) cross-marketing Men in Black III and its franchise to capture the 13 and up audience.

This prequel does not enrich me to enjoy the Xmen/Wolverine franchise. Okay, I now know how they have become to be, so what?

Nonetheless, Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto(Michael Fassbender) is probably the better actor among the others, even Sebastian Shaw(Kevin Bacon) is quite one-dimensional and not evil enough. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) just does not seem to be that smart, and sorry the temple-fingers-mind-reading is that really necessary? really!

The premise is Charles becomes Professor in genetics, and Raven / Mystique(Jennifer Lawrence) has been his pal ever since she broke into his mansion and pretended to be mom. We dial back to 1962, the infamous cold-war between US and Russia. Sebastian wants to start WWIII, and manipulates US and Russia to fight each other…(What? to have this storyline so that parents in their 40’s can still relate while watching with kids 13 and up?)

Anyway, the CIA Moira MacTaggert(Rose Byrne) sees a couple of mutants first-hand, and gradually heads the division in CIA and uses recruited teenager mutants ( now, Charles does see older ones in Cerebro( prototype),why he doesn’t pick them? maybe Wolverine was the sample and since he rejected, Charles and Erik do not want to bother with older mutants in the recruiting process?!)

Love Michael Fassbender with his fluent French and German dialogues! He most definitely will be one of the top actors with so many his movies out and coming out soon. He will be in Prometheus (2012).

If you fit PG-13, you may like it. Otherwise, SKIP.


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