Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

Tatuaggio realistico, realizzato da Ettore bec...

Tatuaggio realistico, realizzato da Ettore bechis ,raffigurante Il Capitano Jack Sparrow un personaggio immaginario della saga cinematografica Pirati dei Caraibi interpretato da Johnny Depp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

34% Tomatometer! But I find it the most entertaining out of the four. Why? It moves fast, and not many sub-plots, so it is like driving on a highway 7:00 am with no traffic, hence, getting from point A to B in no time.

The costumes and set costed a lot of money and they look good. I love the scene when the King’s soldiers all in red jackets in a white courtyard waiting for Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp)to arrive in his runaway carriage, or before that, the King’s dining hall with King George(Richard Griffiths) colourful pastel robe, pasty Victorian make-up, sumptuous buffet, gilt furniture, and beautiful chandeliers.

Back to the movie. Angelica Teach(Penélope Cruz) plays Jack’s old belle luring him into her trap to find the fountain of youth to save her father, Blackbeard(Ian McShane). Joshamee Gibbs(Kevin McNally) and Barbossa(Geoffrey Rush) are back in this franchise chasing after the same treasure.

High sea, battle ships, conquistadors, missionary and mermaids. Philip(Sam Claflin) is the missionary, Syrena(Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) is the captured mermaid for her one-drop tear. I quite like their love story. The mermaids scene is fresh and new.

Love the line when Jack meets his father Captain Teague(Keith Richards) in the tavern,” …does this face need the fountain of youth?!” LOL!

Light, fluffy, entertaining.WATCH!


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