Run Fat Boy Run(2007)

The film starts off with the less glam version of Runaway Bride (1999)i.e., no horse, no bride in pouffy white wedding dress, but a groom escapes through the window of his flat while the wedding party is going on downstairs. The groom is Dennis( Simon Pegg), a self-doubt loser, and the pregnant bride-to-be is Libby (Thandie Newton).

5 years later, he still sees Libby and has parental visitation with his son, Jake (Matthew Fenton), once a week. Dennis is still a nobody working as security guard in a women apparel store, and lives in a basement apartment, where his landlord is threatening his eviction with unpaid rents long overdue.

Libby runs a successful pastry shop and that’s where she met Whit (Hank Azaria), a hedge fund manager with luxury penthouse high-rise suite overlooking the St.Paul’s Cathedral. On Libby’s birthday he proposes…

The story is really straight-forward, and there are moments that are quite sentimental, cause there is genuine love between Libby and Dennis (good acting from both Simon and Thandie), and we can see that. Jake also adores his father despite what he is not. Gordon (Dylan Moran), Libby’s cousin and Dennis’ pal adds some humours to this film. [Spoiler Alert: Simon ran away so that she would only have one bad day, instead of life-time regrets. I think that’s kind of sweet nonetheless].

At the end of the day, a marathon is going to determine who gets the girl or the girl back, and who will win a bet, or who will lose.

A good film for a quiet night with no kids around! WATCH.


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