Religulous (2008)

The percentage of people in North America who ...

The percentage of people in North America who identify with a religion as opposed to having “no religion.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Maher is the commentator of this documentary. He goes and talks to people of different faiths, and tries to understand their beliefs of their GODs.

In it, he says 18% of Americans are non-religious, i.e., do not belong to any organized religion. (2008 ARIS report showed 15%*). I like this movie because it is a reinforcement and validation of what I think, and I am in the minority (Canada Census 2008 showed 23%*).

Belief is human, isn’t it? or is it? A person head-to-toes in luxury brands products, she believes she belong to a certain social class now that she wears those brands, the question is does her belief makes that a reality? or does reality rely on others in that social class to approve of her or validate her? or does reality means she is just in denial and in debt? No one really knows, and I think that is the right answer. Yes, psychologists can postulate, or sociologists can theorize, but that’s about it. Perhaps, she does not even know herself.

Hence, religion is based on beliefs, and I bet you it is full of contradictions. Watching this film confirms that people are good with rationalising their dissonance until they convince themselves and others that there is truth to what they are saying.

I know I am being vague, that’s because I think you need to see this film to make your own judgement. It’s full of laughs or insults, but that, of course, depends on where you stand regarding the subject.

must WATCH!




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