Men in Black III (2012)

So I was driving in rush hour traffic, and suddenly I remembered I went to see Men in Black(MIB) III two hours ago. Yes, it was that memorable. Don’t get me wrong, I like the first two, but this one…NO!

So we have the same or most of the same characters in this iteration or the third installment after 10 years of the last one, MIB II (2002). Zed (Rip Torn) passed away, replacing him is Agent O (Emma Thompson): underutilized. Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K(Tommy Lee Jones) resume their roles, but added is the younger  version of Agent K (Josh Brolin) carrying on his Texan accent, as he did in W.(2008). The new villain is Boris The Animal (Jemaine Clement), who was locked up on the moon at a maximum security jail that he breaks out (so much for maximum). He travels back in time trying to kill agent K to reclaim his lost arm and to devour earth.

As in any time travel movie (in the trailer,so no spoiler), a time paradox comes, and  earth is under attack. Agent J time jumps as well to prevent Boris from finding Agent K; hence, save the current earth.

Since we have seen the intergalactic creatures in I & II and the weaponry, nothing is new here. Same office, desks, and big screen displays of galactic activities:(product placement:Lady Gaga!). Agent O has one 15 seconds scene that is worthwhile mentioning, but totally expected. Griffin(Michael Stuhlbarg) is cool, but may as well use a gypsy!

(Spoiler alert)While in my seat, I just felt I was forced to look at the re-invention of the 60’s era again! (We have Mad Men, Pan Am, Marilyn Monroe, and the likes already…Mr. and Mrs. Baby Boomers). Anyway, it’s great to look at the replications, was that all this film about? Cause I didn’t see any other save the world moment like in I & II. So I guess the utlimate climax of the film is the reproduction of Apollo 11 launch!( I thought I watched that real stuff on Discovery Channel couple of weeks ago).

106 mins, eh! we know what that means … wait for Director’s cut or the extended version! SKIP

P.S. so glad I didn’t go for the 3D version. Yes, the ending was a ____ (you decide).


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