Real Steel (2011)

We are in the future, definitely after 2014, cause the main character Atom – a G2 Bot – was made around that time, and it is a second generation fighting bot. In the future, humans do not box in the ring anymore, replaced are robots. If Charlie Kenton(Hugh Jackman) got mentioned in 2007 with his fight and he has a 11 year-old son, I guess the film is in 2020-ish?

Anyway, the premise is about Charlie getting back on his feet as many fighters do, not only in the ring, but also with their life situations. As the film starts, Charlie is down and out, and waiting for his last fight with his robot to land him quick cash. He is unattached to anything, including the expensive robot that he buys, or his trainer’s daughter, Bailey Tallet(Evangeline Lilly),who is in-love with jackass Charlie, either to his son Max Kenton(Dakota Goyo). As cliché goes, if you hit bottom, it can only go up.

It’s a feel good movie, so we have cute boy, Max,  re-boots his dad’s dead engine to fight again, and to fight for him, so that Charlie can feel again. As you expected, a lot of charming moments between dad and son. As cliché goes again, they share the same DNAs, so they share and like the same thing: boxing and fights.

Abandoned Max found abandoned Atom, and you guess right, they are the underdogs that win big at the end.

Everything work together. The casting and acting were right on. Hugh Jackman was convincing in his role, cause at the beginning, I hated Charlie, for one he just threw money away, or shall we put it in psychological parlance, and say that he suffered from self-loathing, i.e., he told himself even an expensive Japanese import could not save his ass, how could he. In addition, he hadn’t caught up with changes either.

Bailey is the stand-by-my-man-I-believe-in-you-go-get-it-tiger-I-wait landlord, girlfriend, life-partner, bff for Charlie. Of course, things turn around, and many tear-jerking moments afterward, he realizes what he already has and looks forward to.

Let’s say it is a good family movie that has everything for everyone in a family unit.



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