Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Charming, picturesque and innocent.

If you could print some of the frames, and mount them on frames, you will have a gallery full of beautiful, perfect colour saturated prints of nature, landscape, scouts-life, maritime Atlantic, …

Two troubled kids, Sam(Jared Gilman) and Suzy(Kara Hayward), found each other, as if it were destiny, during a play- in a church – of Noah’s Ark a year ago. Today, a storm is brewing, and they decide to elope and spend the rest of their lives together: they are 12.

A white-picket fence house narrow and tall with brick-red sidings, in it reside a couple and four children, three boys and Suzy. Mom is Laura Bishop(Frances McDormand) and dad Walt Bishop (Bill Murray), who are lawyers communicate in legal tongue, and spend their days in the house independently, separately. One of the boys’ favorite is a 45rpm instructional record of how orchestral music works with all its elements (crucial to know to enjoy this film).

Other characters, Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis) the single cop always in the shadow, beneath Laura’s house. Scout Master Ward (Edward Norton), a math teacher, who would rather to stay in camp. Social Services(Tilda Swinton) represents the guilt of us all.

A beautiful art collection of pure love awaits: young and old.



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