Prometheus IMAX 3D(2012) – Final Analysis

June 27, 2012 (update)

Aliens new release in blu-ray was on sales for $9.99, and it had a $10 coupon to see Prometheus, and since I love Aliens, even though I have the video tape and the special DVD edition, I said why not…

Second time around, this movie was awesome! I think because of the trailers and all the hypes, I went in the first time looking for familiarity instead of paying attention; hence, a lot of details were missed the first time.

This time I went to the real 3D version, and surprisingly it was much better than the IMAX 3D version. The real 3D was much better proportioned, and it was beautiful!

Of course I discovered a few new things with my eyes glued to every scene, and ears to every word, and here are some of them:

1) After the dead head of the engineer was stabbed with he Synapse Reestablisher, they saw something growing on it; so apparently, the black goo got into the head, and that’s why the others were running away from something, and it was from this infected engineer. To avoid contamination, they closed the door before he went in, i.e., his head chopped.

2) FiField was sprayed with acid substance when he cut the snake/eel like creature strangled around Milburn’s arm. The thing came out of Milburn looked like the chestburster alien. FiField was dead and reanimated by the black goo, that’s why his mutation was different from Holloway when he ingested it. So the black goo gives life!!!!

3)David was under the order of Wyeland to try harder; therefore, he put the black drop into Holloway’s drink. I believe the most important lines of the movie were spoken here at the pool table.

4)David read the writings on the door before opening the chamber, so he really knew what the hell was going on, just that we didn’t!

5) Last time, I totally missed the conversation between Janek(Idris Elba) and Dr. Shaw (when she prepared to board the ship to see the engineer, her creator). The conversation was crucial to understand the last part of the movie, why he drove to his own death, and he also had a theory of what the engineers were doing on that LV-223. Was it biological weapon that the engineers were developing? Was it a military base?

6) Second time, I heard the leitmotif of the score, and it was awesome! Brilliant. Hats-off to maestro Marc Streitenfeld.

Lesson learned: a second look always gives new perspectives to things that we think they were.

June 9, 2012:

Bubble thoughts [begin]

– Get us out of here!

– We were wrong; I was so wrong

Bubble thoughts [end]


Those came up in my head few times while I was yawning 2/3 into the film. Yes, as many have said already, if you have watched the trailers, then it will just be a matter of connecting the dots and seeing how the story unfolds.

The opening scenes are wow, and only IMAX 3D can do justice as to how grand and beautiful they are. The most memorable is, of course, when David (Michael Fassbender) is sitting in the infamous spacejockey controller chair that projects intergalactic constellations (you will see what he sees). In general the movie looks good in 3D.

– I see five stars

– no they are not stars, but an invitation

– by who?

Ridley Scott (Director)

– Is it free?

– No $12-$20

IMDB gives 7.8/10; Rotten Tomatoes 74%; so no, it is not 5-star!

One thing that annoyed me the most was the simplicity of the dialogues. For example, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), corporate-type, cold, risk-averse, calculated, an Oscar-winning actor, challenged if she were a robot, and all she delivered was,”my bedroom in 10 minutes”, was I supposed to laugh with the punch?! Like The Avengers (2012) that I had the same problem with, the only speculation I have is that these blockbuster movies sell globally, so to make translations and dubbing easier, it has to be paired with simpler dialogues, so that Meredith says, “dix minutes, ma chambre” will sound like Charlize Theron, phonetically, in French in the dubbed-version. Seriously, if this was sold as a philosophical piece, I have received nothing of profound with what was spoken.

The premise confirms some of what I wrote in Prometheus (2012): Analysis 1 and Prometheus (2012):Analysis 2. An expedition billed by Weyland Corporation to find human’s creator. Headed the team are Elizabeth Shaw(Noomi Rapace), a doctor, more a MD to me than an archaeologist (bit confused here), and her boyfriend for sure a PhD Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) who just doesn’t like David, and vice versa. In fact, Logan plays the character quite well: arrogant! There is no rapport with her exploration team whatsoever, they may as well be dead and that won’t stir Elizabeth or Charlie a bit.

After an over 2 years long journey to the 5-star co-ordination, Prometheus has landed quickly after they find the landing path (wow, that is quick! Let’s rock n’ roll, no time to waste). Again, quickly, they are suited up and go into the cave. The cave is a brewery of breathable air. They find the chamber with those stone-vases that when hit with humidity, they start to liquefy into black ooze (trailer). David is very intelligent; he can read anything and unlock everything. Then they find the remains of a spacejockey at the chamber door; 3/4 of him to be exact. Dr. Shaw carries the remainder 1/4 back to the ship (Smart!) before the ship doors close under Meredith’s order, cause a storm is coming. A geologist, Fifield (Sean Harris) and a biologist, Millburn(Rafe Spall) are left behind … (OK, 6 people leave in 15 seconds with big head in toll, while two cannot find the exit departed minutes ago? Sorry, we have GPS in 2000, I don’t buy that at all!!!!!! especially they have their smart hamlets. Besides, Fifield throws those balls that records space and dimension, he is not stupid). Anyway, back on ship, clever David is in fact quite human and devilish. Of course, someone is contaminated, which also leads to the highlighted scene where Dr. Shaw makes some cruel decision (Squid or no Squid), doesn’t she? Isn’t what her religion indoctrinated with that life is precious! But, she ignores it without a blink, yet she claims to believe in Gods to the bitter-end. So how religious is she?

Okay, obviously those two (biologist and geologist) are left purposely there to encounter their death or infections, and to show us evolution. (Got it, why the pairing: one studies the livings, the other fossils of past livings. How quaint!)

Then we get into the fight scenes, and the point of the story. And what is that? Money buys all!(in this case, it’s a trillion dollar). As predicted, all got killed or committed suicide- some fast, some slow, some heroic, some oblivious- except Dr. Shaw, the heroine, of course and 1/4 of David.

The ending… I will cut it out; cause at least in AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) I want to see the product of the couple; here, not so much.

The philosophy out of this is: believe what you believe, decide what you decide, but only money will buy time before you meet your creator.

WATCH the 3D version; but the blu-ray director’s cut, perhaps, will give us more.


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