Prometheus (2012) – list of WHYs? (SPOILER ALERT)

So we have been complaining about how lame as the movie progresses, but it still keeps me interested and thinking about all sorts of things. Maybe, it is not that bad after all, cause a truly bad movie is one that you want to forget about it asap.

Of course this is going to be another franchise, so what we saw was in fact a two-hour long trailer; hence things happened fast in the last 1/3 of the film!

Think about the possibilities of a prequel that talks about the relationship between all the characters we have little ideas of so far: Peter and Meredith; Charlie and Elizabeth; FiField and Millburn; David and Peter… Hopefully, in the prequel(s) they will be reviewed. Besides, in the fight scenes I talked about, they all seem to be dead, but who knows what will happen when the little buddy alien do to the corpses?! (In Aliens, the face-hugger can impregnate anyone dead or alive). See, they did not nuke the planet, so things are still evolving there.

The symbolic metallic carving that looks like the mother xenomorph is another thing that could turn out interesting. But before that, why the space jockeys built that chamber? and the head? to worship? to pray? Okay, then why those stone vases lined in columns? They took up the whole chamber. Perhaps I should not assume that the space jockeys built that thing, so what about they were also exploring the planet like humans did? Cause, at the end, Dr. Shaw is flying to find out where they were from, so they were not from that planet!

While we’re on the subject of space jockeys. Why the mass death in the tunnel? What attacked them? The hologram! what were they running away from? Why four in cryogenic chambers? Maybe the one that missed the door was the one who would man the ship, so they were preparing to leave and something happened. But if the ship had all these canisters or vases, did they load them or made them? Maybe, they were extraction devices? That’s why they were in columns to extract whatever from the soil, like mining? but organic substance, obviously. So when they were full, they got loaded up to the ship. That’s why the entrance to the ship is right beside the chamber.

I want to know what David said to the space jockey to make him so upset!

The opening scene! Space ship hovering and the guy drank that stuff and we saw that fancy destruction and construction of the double helix. Now, why we assume that was earth and not his own planet?! They have the same human DNA, so their planet must look similar to ours. Think about it, there are trees, mountains, atmosphere, before he arrived, so life was there already, he didn’t create it, at best, he altered the existing life forms on earth, if it was earth that he came to. (Check this out; Sir.Scott says the opening scene doesn’t need to be Earth!)

So my theory is that he was the king or nobleman (Remember the lines used in the trailer! yes, it was used somewhere else in the movie, but…) of his kind. He sent his people to explore , like Peter Weyland, and found the stuff that might extend his life, but instead he was dis-integrated. Now his kingdom was getting destroyed by this thing: plague. So his kind has to find a new planet to settle: EARTH!

I think we pay too much attention that this is a prequel to Alien, but this is really a franchise on its own, and there will be more of it.

Funny after I left the theater, the way Dr. Shaw and David wanted to fly out to find where the space jockeys were from, it almost make it into Star Trek: to find the final frontier!


1) The “engineer” that swallowed the caviar like thing disintegrated; so did the black thingy destroyed his DNA, so the reconstructed DNA was that of the “engineer”or the black thingy? or the black thingy are like viruses that can alter DNA? or the black thingy acted as a solvent so that the”engineer” DNA could be dissolved and re-created in the new environment? (It’s a genetics question)

2)David knows about everything known to human? can he replicate himself? like I, Robot (2004) or David is really a prequel to the Matrix (1999), he is the “engineer” of the Matrix, or the Mastermind?

3)So, Holloway drank the black thingy, he also started to disintegrated, but like having an Ebola infection; however, Elizabeth got pregnant after his infection, so the question is whether the black thingy activated her egg or it was asexual; therefore, his altered sperm is enough to impregnate her, so she was a surrogate for the squid.

4)Why squid-like?

5)Was there a female “engineer” in the mix of space-jockeys? Perhaps, that’s why the race was doomed? Did they re-create (engineer) or pro-create (with what or whom)?

6) Why? why? why? [I know it is just a movie, BUT…..]

Check this out, sooo funny!


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