My Mom’s New boyfriend (2008)

I bet no one heard of this before, I noticed it in one of the dvds beginning trailers. The trailer showed someone looked like Golden Hawn where she worn a fat-suite and make-up in Death becomes Her (1992); but it was Meg Ryan in her character of Martha/Marty Durand.She slimmed down during her son, Henry (Colin Hanks) Tom Hanks’ son, three-year training at Quantico, VA, and is now a hottie mom!

This movie has the feel of one of those funny French movies, like Le dîner de cons(1998); I am saying it broadly. Some of the jokes are funny because they viscerally make you smile or laugh, they just do! Like Enrico the chef (Enrico Colantoni) who serenades night after night at Marty’s front porch, it’s kind of adorable and funny, or Henry’s financée Emily Lott (Selma Blair) who keeps initiating to have sex with her finance. Watching Marty is fun (looks like she is really having fun! wink, wink!). Marty’s new boyfriend is Tommy Lucero / Martinez (Antonio Banderas).

The premise is quite simple. Martha changed her name to Marty and has had a life changing experience, and see life differently. Her son Henry has become the parent-son figure in the relationship since his father died. After three years training, Henry moves back in with his mom and surprises to see his “new” mom. He also brings along his new financée Emily, who also works for the FBI.

Tommy falls in love with Marty; however, he needs to finish his last heist job. Well, there is a twist and I didn’t see it coming.

It’s a chick flick for sure, and you need to like this kind of light fluffy stuff,… yes perhaps a bit chessy as well.

RENT if you can find it!


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