Untraceable (2008)

English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good tight film banking on torture-porn, internet live streaming, and FBI actions, which was representative of that time frame of 2000’s. It does give us explanations of events happening and why and how the serial killer chooses his victims; in other words, it is better than most other films with absurd reasoning behind the killings.

Jennifer Marsh(Diane Lane) works in the cyber-crime unit busting cyber crimes criminals. Her co-worker is Griffin Dowd(Colin Hanks, again plays a FBI agent as in My Mom’s New Boyfriend(2008)). Detective Eric Box(Billy Burke) is assigned to the murder case associated with all the murders. (Thankfully, the script doesn’t swirl off to some romantic interludes between Eric and Jennifer).

The premise is how the serial killer, Owen Riley(Joseph Cross), uses web traffic to accelerate his victim’s death, i.e., more traffic, faster the death. These are the parts where SAW (2004) and its franchise are mixed in, so as to the ways engineered for these victims’ demise. As all cliché of clichés, the first victim was a kitty cat!!! ( A bit chilling if one refers to the current case of murder , Canadian’s suspected killer Magnotta, posted on the web, and how the alleged also had killed several kittens)

If anything, Diane Lane is the reason to watch this film. Her emotion after finding his co-worker napped and killed was very convincing! So the end is full of cliché again, and so what, the serial killer is where he belongs.

Yes, I could go on with some logical flaws, and implausible behaviour of agents sitting around just witnessing the tortures as if in a sporting event, but who cares! it is a good tight thriller after-all.



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