I love you Phillip Morris (2009)

It’s interesting! It’s a bit of everything: comedy, satire, liberal, conservative, moral, ethics, love story, …?

Now I am sure the film is not there to generalize adopted children will turn out like Steve Russell (Jim Carrey) exactly, but the abandonment issue and attachment’s certainly will be there.

Steve did nothing wrong, in fact, he did everything right based on what society asks him to. Married, religious, works in the sheriff office, has kid, etc., until one day he decides to find his birth mother, and that’s when he feels cheated.

He seems to be a smart guy, manipulative, and good at what he does! He commits numerous white-collar crimes, and finally gets caught up in his own games.

Is everything a lie to him, since he was born without trust? (If your birth mother slams the door on you, how would you react?) Despite all, he is truthful to his ex-wife and kid! and responsible.

The premise is about one’s identity:who are we, truthfully? do we really, really know? If we don’t, the best we can offer is emotional truth or perhaps, love.

Love is what Steve finds in Phillip Morris(Ewan McGregor), and vice versa.  By now, or before with the film’s title, I am sure you know that Steve is gay! At least he is truthful with this part of him in situations.

Jim Carrey makes the character interesting, and Ewan McGregor is very good in the submissive role.

Why I say at the start this can be a satire? cause this happens in one of the most conservative states: Texas!

Anyway, RENT and watch it. It was never distributed in Canada, I wonder why?


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