Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

English: Chimpanzee sculpture, 'Going Ape', Ha...

English: Chimpanzee sculpture, ‘Going Ape’, Haldon Forest Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The CGI effects are amazing! The apes, chimps, orangatangs, monkeys all look so real, which makes some of the scenes hard to watch: how they are treated.

This is the prequel to how apes have become the leaders, and humans their slaves. Although Dr.Will Rodman (James Franco) intention is a good one, he to me is almost a mad scientist with no conscience or ethic. Okay, when someone has an ailing parent with dementia, to find a cure is honourable, but at what cost? True, some medical discoveries were made even by self administrations, but is it necessary here? or conveniently so just to tell a story: a brilliant neuro-scientist, a baby ape housed in a family-oriented neighbourhood, with a dementia father taking care of it ….

Okay, Dr. Rodman works for big drug company, and even after a big mess. Bright-eyes, his test-subject has gone beserk, shot dead on the board table! Great scene, the tension is great! Caesar(Andy Serkis)’s mom was Bright-eyes, so is now an orphan. Will takes him home and Caesar becomes part of the family. Caesar is super smart ( he can even do number 2 on his own) because of his mom. Anyway, Caesar is all grown up, and starts to understand how humans see him, or will always see him as. He gets into a fight and got lock up in animal control shelter (there are a lot of them ?!). Bad treatments = Revolution!

Yes, there is the relationship between Will and Caroline Aranha(Freida Pinto), but nothing heavy, guess having a vet around for Caesar is a good thing!

No loose ends, the final scene ties the story together for the sequel, or the two versions that are in circulation: Planet of the Apes (1968) and Planet of the Apes (2001).

Don’t get me wrong, the CGI is marvelous! the story …



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