88 minutes (2007)

A psychological thriller. Al Pacino is Jack Gramm, a famous forensic psychiatrist who convinced the jury to put a serial killer, Jon Forster (Neal McDonough), on death role. The question is whether Jon is innocent?

The movie has all the elements of a thriller, a whodunit type. It bets the question of who is lying and who is telling the truth? Is Dr. Gramm a great manipulator, since he knows human behaviours so well? Do his students (Mike Stempt (Ben McKenzie), Lauren Douglas(Leelee Sobieski)) want him to fall out of jealousy or he being too tough a professor, so out of despise? or perhaps, they have a crush with his brilliance. Then there is the TA Kim Cummings (Alicia Witt), who seems to know everything about him and acts sufficiently suspicious plotting Jack’s death! Jack also  has an assistant, Shelly Barnes(Amy Brenneman), who seems to know what to do with every demand Jack imposes. Jack has access to everything? It almost seems like he runs the Seattle FBI? does he?

I thought forensic psychiatrist usually works in the background of a case, very much like a medical coroner? I guess to show how special he is, his office has tightly secured digital lock filing cabinets, and a board room and the whole nine-yard! Wait, is he a lawyer, and that is his law firm? BTW,where is the Freud’s couch?

OK, the movie was made in 2007, so every minute of the dialogues was conducted via cellphone!( so if it was 2012, he would be texting every second). I have to say the nice thing about this film is that there are no loose ends, they are all explained with flashbacks.

The premise is running, talking on the cell, creating urgency, everyone is a potential suspect who wants to set the record straight that Jack is a liar and Jon is innocent, more running, gun shootings, explosions, chaos, … murders, copycat…

So imagine you are watching Scream (1996), i.e., a movie that shows clichés but yet you still want to know who is/are behind all that. 

BTW, Al Pacino is in every frame of this film with all those young actors tagging along with him.  

RENT. (it’s entertaining)


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