Sordid Things (2009)

It is one of those movies that never got distributed, and probably went to dvd right away. So if you are lucky, you may find it.

Two married successful lawyers work in the same firm. Her biological clock is ticking, and wants a baby, so she is pregnant. Unfortunately, while getting the baby room ready painting in yellow, drops of red get mixed in the paint. She loses the baby and must have a hysterectomy, so they try surrogacy. They find the perfect surrogate mom, but an accident kills that hope as well.

Out of no where, Eve Manchester (Alex Kingston)’s second cousin comes to visit at her law firm. They befriended and Vanessa Giles (Nicole Vicius) offers to carry Eve and Jagger Manchester(James McCaffrey)’s baby after hearing the news of the first surrogate mom. Vanessa has a boyfriend, Mason Wiley (Alex Burns), and he is jailed for grand theft auto awaits hearings, and Eve is representing him.

Of course, things are not that clean-cut. The premise is really about who is screwing who and who gets away with it all. See, Eve and Jagger’s marriage is on the rock, and Eve is hoping that a baby will mend or cement their marriage. So, while she is busy with having a baby or a surrogate baby, he is keeping himself busy as well: “working” late while his wife is on business trip, for example. Next is the second cousin; how often people just show up in another person life? So here is a summary with Vanessa: boyfriend  in jail, rich cousin found, surrogate, ransom, and money.

Well, I am not going to spoil this for you guys. It is a slow progression, since she is a lawyer and seems to be highly ethical, so it is a bit dull the first half of the movie. You must endure after the baby is born (no pun intended), that’s when the twists and turns unfold.

It’s a clever film! so WATCH.


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