Carnage (2011)

An action movie using verbal assaults as weapons, this is more exciting than 300 (2006), and I mean it is bloody!

Penelope Longstreet(Jodie Foster), Michael Longstreet (John C. Reilly),Nancy Cowan (Kate Winslet), and Alan Cowan (Christoph Waltz) start out documenting what they understand about the incident happened between their sons, Zachary and Ethan. “Armed with a stick”  is too strong  a phrase, so they agree to alter it to “carrying a stick” instead; oh, all so civilized! Well, this is pretty much the end of the beginning.

The civilized couples take it to the living room where everything is neatly in-place. I guess they are both upper middle class families based on the size of Longstreet’s apartment, and Cowan’s professions: Attorney and Investment Broker. Soon after the pleasantry over espresso and day-old apple-peach cobbler is finished, insults and assaults start to fly in that room… non-stop! Pretty much those topics that we tiptoe among strangers or even close friends are all out there. What once seems to be the visage of civilization is in fact concealed with prejudice, and appearance is just that with no feelings or emotions attached.

So how do we get from nice to brute-force in less than 3 minutes?! Perhaps, this is a true reflection of our time! We just subscribe to a certain belief that is unique to ourselves only; there is no common ground with anything anymore. Hence, the point put forth in the film, where is our sense of community? or what is it really?

If you like movie that is based on words and nuances (think French films with snobbery classicism!), you will like this, and compliment it with three Oscar’s winners, it is even better!  John C. Reilly gets my vote with this film!



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