The Woman in Black (2012)

Old abandoned mansion with its last inhabitant died a year ago. An intern, Arthur Kipps(Daniel Radcliffe), with his own grief must pull himself together to get the job done, which is to go to this mansion in Northern England on a remote village and island and to sort out the papers in this place, literally? (I don’t quite know why, and I am too lazy to watch it again, lol!)

If you like old house that lost its glory with things in there cobwebbed and relatively in their original places, added eerie soundtracks, and on and off shadow images, then you will like this movie. The suspense is thick, but the story is thin without logic. But it’s a movie as most tell me, logic can be suspended for 95 mins. (My question anyway, why things happen after Arthur shows up, when it apparently had stopped for some times?)

So the village is cursed, children are killed for no reasons, but of a vindictive woman’s vile atrocities…and in her grave, nonetheless. A sister of the wife of the wealthy couple who owned the mansion, whose son- adopted by the couple – born out of wedlock was killed in an accidental drowning while returning home through the narrow bands of sand and rocks that get swallowed with high tides. She blamed the world and committed suicide, and ever since is haunting the house. Despite Arthur’s efforts to make things right for her or to release her to go to the light, she is as bitter as ever. Unfortunately, angelic wife, Stella Kipps (Sophie Stuckey) cannot right the wrongs either, i.e., no fights between good and evil, but nonetheless they reunite, yet leaving that dark veil woman in the black … (sequel!)

At moments, I wish Daniel Radcliffe would take out his magical wand and cast a spell like, “light the black, lift and vaporize, forever you go … to hell”.

As I say, if you like eerie, sound provoking atmospheric horrors, then by all means WATCH.


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