Fracture (2007)

I have this dvd sitting on my shelf for the longest time, and I never watched it for reasons unknown. So if you missed it like I did, you must find a way to see this! Very cerebral! I mean meticulous.

Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) owns an aeronautical company. A meticulous engineer who always try to perfect, cause he believes everything has flaws, although minute, still they are flawed. So is his marriage, despite big house, fast cars, beautiful wife, he must take action to iron out life’s annoyances.

Twice a week his wife, Jennifer Crawford (Embeth Davidtz) spends her afternoon at a local motel enjoying the pool, and company. Her company is LAPD Lt. Robert ‘Rob’ Nunally (Billy Burke). He gets call of a hostage situation, proceeds to the house, and realizes he knows the portrait of the woman above the mantle. He arrests Ted for attempted murder.

Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) working at the DA office has to show up to the preliminary as the last deed before he goes corporate at the prestige law firm where his girlfriend, Nikki Gardner(Rosamund Pike) will be his boss. He thinks this is a slum-dunk, because he has full confession from the accused in hand, until Ted drops a bomb on his lap at the actual jury hearing. Willy’s careers (public and private practices) imploded. He picks up the pieces.

It’s an intriguing mind games play between Ted and Willy, and Ryan Gosling has no problem standing beside Anthony Hopkins, who has mastered such similar role as in Silence of the Lambs (1991); he acts with his eyes! Gosling’s chops proven with Drive (2011) are no lame feasts either. Such a good match to watch between the two.

Good story, good soundtracks, good acting, this is another great movie that you ought to WATCH!


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