#SafetyNotGuaranteed (2012)

Graph showing the history of maximum laser pul...

Graph showing the history of maximum laser pulse intensity throughout the past 40 years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you a true romantic? Do you believe in love? Is love a mission? Is love an accidental discovery? Or is love a right of passage?

If you answer No to anyone of these, then maybe it’s not the kind of movie you will like.

Someone posted an ad looking for a partner to travel back in time, and the person who posted it had only done it once. As the title of the film implies, there will be no guarantee of safety once then and there. We find out that the person is a he, Kenneth ( Mark Duplass), who works at a local supermarket, where his colleagues know him to be a bit off.

So a slow day at a creative meeting of a Seattle’s magazine office, and Jeff (Jake M. Johnson)- a 30 something – is taking with him two interns, Darius (Aubrey Plaza) and Arnau (Karan Soni) to investigate whether the one who posted the ad is the real deal or just a looney-tune.

After a long drive to Oceanview, where Jeff grows up, the three hunker down at a local motel and start their investigation, but mostly it is Darius. Jeff is too busy with other stuff that is important to the movie plot, which I will gloss over so not to spoil it; However, it involves his first sexual encounter, Liz (Jenica Bergere), when he was young… (current time and time past! wink!)

Darius is a concern, Jeff thinks she is a lesbian, and her father thinks she is depressed and needs to hang out with friends more often, but that will change when she mixes business with personal emotions. Let’s just say Darius and Kenneth click, and Jeff clashes (as expected of a hetero-themed movie, and nothing’s wrong with that!).

So who is Arnau? a coming of age nerd!

It’s entertaining, funny, and intriguing at times, and certainly a moment of A Beautiful Mind (2001) towards the end, and moments of X-files (1993-2002) during.

Stay the full 86 mins! Afterwards, answer the questions I pose at the beginning  again, and see if you form a different perspective?





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