The Tourist (2010)


Reinvention with old glam, and it may work for some, but not others. Actors are beautiful and handsome, but the story…mmm…predictable. A “who is” type of film that you kinda of know, but you are there for the sceneries anyway, so it doesn’t really matter much.

Paris. Elise Clifton-Ward (Angelina Jolie) is having her usual breakfast. A bike-courier delivers a letter to her. She is under surveillance. She burns the letter after she read it. The team running out of their tech-van and salvages the ash. Elise walks away and being followed by The Englishman (Rufus Sewell). She boards train to Venice, and meets Frank TupeloJohnny Depp), a math-teacher states side.They have dinner and part upon arrival, only to be picked up by Elise again in her polished fast boat at the canal. As I say, this is all about glamorous and no dimes are spared! They stay at a posh hotel’s presidential suite. Frank wakes and follows the day as it goes, despite being hand-cuffed, followed by mafia killers, interrogated by MI6… he seems pretty calm. BTW, Elise will pop up and save the day with no weapons, but just nightgowns, diamonds necklace, and perfectly coiffed hair.

The story is as simple as this: Alexander Pearce stole money from the mafia, and the British government found out and now chasing him for back taxes in a sting! Okie-dokie. No one knows who is AP, and only Elise knows it intimately.

If you can’t be away for a romantic holiday with your partner, and lust after a luxury lifestyle, and want to watch Jolie and Depp, then WATCH this. Yes, remember this is like a 60’s movie with big name actors, so the story is secondary.




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