#NeverLetmeGo (2010)

I understand the premise because as an announcement to the class, the teacher tells the students their futures, which will be the same regardless. There will be no careers, no growing up, and no expectations.

Ruth (Keira Knightley), Kathy (Keira Knightley), and Andrew (Andrew Garfield) grow up in boarding school Hailsham. Tommy is being bullied, while Kathy tries to comfort him. They are allowed their independence when they grow up as adult and move to somewhere calls “cottage”. Ruth being the predator preys on Tommy, and Tommy navieté causes him to lose Kathy but only they reunite 10 years after.

If you have seen The Island (2005), this is a more poetic version based loosely on the same theme. Humans are the insurance, and not premiums paid to the insurance company in these cases.

Although a love story tries to woven within this melodrama, the question asks is the same as to who decides. What is the relevancy of one’s life? Does love solve all problems, even death?!

I don’t know. Perhaps, I ought to read the book by Kazuo Ishigoru to discover more.

Kazuo Ishigoru talks about this movie: http://youtu.be/-SmuYqKeTTs

… to be continued.


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