#HowDoYouKnow (2010)

Jack Nicholsons foot/handprint at Grauman's Ch...

Jack Nicholsons foot/handprint at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sum of all parts is why you may want to see this movie. Reese Witherspoon (Lisa) carries this film as the lead! I keep watching because of her. The other good players are Paul Rudd (George), Owen Wilson (Matty) , Jack Nicholson(Charles), and Kathryn Hahn (Annie).

I think this is an unusual way to tell a love story. Lisa was a jock playing softball, and she got canned, she didn’t know what to do next. Does she do what everyone else before her does finding a catch, get married and have babies? The good catch is Matty, a big league baseball player. They seem to click because Lisa is a female version of a typical male jock, so she is nothing about emotions and small talks, she can even pick herself up, so there will be no dramas, and Matty loves her for that: uncomplicated.

George and Charles relation is a little bit underdeveloped. However, the master is at work here, so I get Charles even if it will be nice to have a bit more about what is going on between the two. Like father like son, they both think too much is probably what there is to it. That applies to his rendez-vous with Lisa, that he thinks too much, and talks a lot about nothing. But his asset is his honesty.

Annie is the comic relief! Annie works for George before he gets served with a subpoena for security fraud. She delivers all right! I laugh hard at couple of scenes she is in. I remember her in TV’s Free Agents (2011). 

Matty is a fairly laid back jock! I thought jocks are all aggressive and competitive, and seemingly he is not, except he is still a ladies-man.

The essence of the story is for some love is not about steps you take to achieve, or it is an endgame. Worse some do not know what it is at all, especially those who have committed their lives to their careers. For them, it is a process, a process of discovery, cognizance, and awareness. Simply put, how do you know what chocolate taste like if you never see and taste it? People may have described them to you, but will you be able to put  two with two together automatically?

Yes, it is a chick-flick, and the story is a foul ball, but great acting from those five that will worth the time to watch it on a Sunday night.





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