#LarsAndTheRealGirl (2007)


Bianca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the good reasons you want to see this film is because of Ryan Gosling, who plays Lars Lindstrom. And then just be an audience, and watches as the story unfolds. Now, if you could bear to see vampires sucking blood with glistening golden skin under the sun, so why not a story that tells a grown man who is in love with a true-to-life doll? In fact, this is perhaps more real than vampires and werewolves. Trust me after you are halfway through, you may think that Bianca is as real as a person.

In a small town (really small), two brothers inherited their parents house. Gus (Paul Schneider) and his wife, Karin (Emily Mortimer) live in the house, while the little brother Lars lives in the garage right across. Lars is shy and quiet, and continues to refuse invitations to his brother’s house for breakfasts, and dinners. Until one day, after seeing and hearing the website his cubicle colleague talks about,a UPS truck pulls into a garage and drops a package, Lars becomes a new person. He even invites himself to his brother’s house for dinner one night… with his new girlfriend from Brazil.

When he brings Bianca into the house, Gus almost flips. As a normal person, he wants Lars to be sent to a hospital to be checked out. With the insistence of Karen, they play along and even offering the bedroom,where their mom used to sleep, to her. Fortunately, with their understanding, and Gus eventual reluctant acceptance, they have Lars and Bianca under the care of Dr. Dagmar, a psychologist.

The nicest part of the story is the community starts to rally behind Bianca, and treating her as one of their kind, and I am telling you, Bianca is a busy gal with so many volunteer meetings to attend to. Gradually, Bianca is getting weak, and really sick, eventually she passes away. There is a funeral for her and all locals attend at the church. Lars accepts the passing of Bianca, and moves on. At the very end, we see that he asks Margo (Kelli Garner) out on a date!

Our mind is complex, and scientists only knows less than 10% of its functions. This is a fact! Unfortunately, we are always busy to set the norm, in the name of the world to be less chaotic, and if anyone falls outside the norm, we must busy ourselves to make sure those will return to the norm at all costs. The question is whether this is the only way, or perhaps, there are other ways? as such how this film deals with the subject. In other words, let those who are not in danger to themselves come to their own conclusion of how norm should look like. Sure, it may come one day, or it may never. The big question is what is the real harm of having a doll being one’s true soul-mate? Is that really that bad than being converted to a vampire?! Honestly! There are worse normal people have done, and sadly that is another true fact!



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