#Chronicle (2012)

The Space Needle nearing completion in 1961.

The Space Needle nearing completion in 1961. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guess it is pretty cliché by now to say that with great power comes immense responsibility. I can go deep and philosophical here for a moment and think perhaps the film is saying to us that teens have powers too, but they just have to control them before they get out of hands. From another angle, bullying lives with the teens, and that suppresses anger and eventually erupts and becomes disasters. Another is the absent and abusive family life a teen may have to endure!

The film balances with the three characters that have acquired some awesome superpower on descending a sink hole found somewhere in the woods. An illuminating substance with veins bound by crystallines with pulsating lights that change to red colour when touched has given them powers beyond human’s capabilities. Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan), Matt Garetty (Alex Russell), and Steve Montgomery(Michael B. Jordan) come out of it fine the next day. Steve describes the power as telekinetic! Andrew, the abused kid, enjoys his power the most, and becomes the one with the fastest growth with his strength. Steve is mostly having fun with it as the students President, while Matt is the most conscientious one that wants to set boundaries as to when and how they can use their powers.

BTW, the film is documented with Andrew’s digital camera, and he being the director. At the beginning, it was all fun, like kids who get their first toys! They share, fight each other, show off and compete. As expected, we do have someone    who is brewing with anger in the mix, so it is just a matter of time. Andrew’s popularity grows for a short time after he performs at a talent show, but his insecurity starts to take over! First there is the helpless spider, then his dad,… True, the story within the story is the family Andrew is in: disability dad with alcohol problem, and bed-ridden mom who needs drug to sustain her health. He likes his mom, and towards the end he uses his power to help her get the money needed for the medicines. The balance one, Matt, has started dating so he is spending less and less time with his cousin/buddy, which may have caused Andrew to spiral down more into his anger and depression.

No caps, no shields, no masks, no funny names … the final fight is everything that we have seen in comics fantasies, but this is as real as it is shown (Imagine if it was truly real, how would you react?)

Anyway, there are Carrie’s (1976) eyes that throw stuff around, and we are talking about mid-air around the Seattle Space Needle, and at the end, Exorcist’s (1973) spear! SAD.

WATCH! so that you are au courant, cause there are still a lot of talks about this film.


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