#CharlieStCloud (2010)

Charlie St. Cloud (film)

Charlie St. Cloud (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Copycat! I see dead people! But I guess teen-girls are not going to care seeing their High School Musical‘s (2006) heartthrob Zac Efron plays Charlie St. Cloud. Wow, this is a make-or-break for Zac Efron, cause he is in every frame for 99 minutes. Even Academy Awards winner Kim Basinger plays his mom, Claire St. Cloud, gets four scenes, and Ray Liotta plays Florio Ferrente , a paramedic that saves Charlie has about two scenes. My point is Zac Efron carries this movie … and after this, we haven’t seen a lot of Zac. Blame it on Beiber fever.

Anyhoo, Charlie has it all, at least at first, winning a sailing competition with this younger bro, Sam St. Cloud (Charlie Tahan), and going to Stanford with full scholarship. Mom, Claire, is not weathly, but sacrifice with double shifts at the hospital, and bro worships him. Sure, brother wants to hangout with friends, kid brother follows in car, BAM! Charlie survives, and mom moves to Portland (What?Why?) and Charlie never goes to Stanford, and becomes an undertaker so that he can keep his vow to his bro: there to practise everyday at the canon roll. Yes, he sees ghosts; I guess that is because of his near-death experience, so after the accident he can see both worlds.

It’s a teen movie, it gotta have romance. Tess Carroll (Amanda Crew) is in the same race that Charlie wins in the opening scene. Later, they meet again at the dock, she is a professional racer and ready for her next championship. Charlie does not date, and pretty much hangout with his bro in the graveyard most of the time (5 years), or doodling, and things start to change when Tess is around. Here is your romance, and I don’t need to elaborate.

If you are watching, I bet your teenagers are having a slumber party at your house!


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