#TheDarkKnightRises IMAX (2012)

Saw it on IMAX after hearing that part of it was shot using IMAX camera, so it means it is supposed to be watched this way with its original source! In other words, digital recording is best played back with digital uncompressed transfer…So I digress, and so is the beginning of the film. I mean who the hell is Dr. Pavel (Alon

Gotham City as shown in Batman Begins.

Gotham City as shown in Batman Begins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aboutboul) and those hooded guys in sacks? Then there are the CIA agents, two planes, blood transfusion(for DNA identification of the substitutue)?! Mid-air stunts … Well, everyone dies, except Dr.Pavel and Bane (Tom Hardy), who wears a muzzle of sort.

Our attention is now turned to the new Gotham city‘s mayor, Nestor Carbonell, immortalising Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) of the last instalment The Dark Knight (2008), and the Dent’s law that has kept Gotham city safe post-Dent. Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is still here.

Bruce Wayne is pretty much in retirement, and Wayne’s enterprises is in the red. Perhaps as a reflection of the financial crisis in 2008, there is a short-selling board member, Daggett, who wants to defraud the market and get rich… Bane is involved with his scheme, and causes chaos in GSX. Alright, back to Bruce with a cane, who gets startled or excited when a service-girl being nosey in his room, who escapes jumping out of the windows, landing on her feet, and into the congressman’s car who she flirts with earlier in the party. You guess it, only one type of animals that can jump from a 10 storeys building and lands on their feet: Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Well, I have to say, after seeing this, this is the probably best Catwoman rendition among the other two, Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns (1992), and Halle Berry in Catwoman (2004). I will definitely watch if there is another spin-off of Catwoman or a sequel. The greatest thing is to see how Catwoman matches up to Batman in every way in this film! (Now that’s a relationship that will last, cause they agree they are equals).

I think the main actor of this film is not Batman(Christian Bale), but Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a rookie cop turns detective, Blake. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt is someone to watch out; mark my words, he could be the next Leonardo DiCarpio!). As said in one of the scenes, a hero can be anyone! with mask or no mask, known or unknown…I think Robin Blake will become one of those?! We will have to wait and see how he turns out.

Now since I do like the campy Batman and Robin (1997), not because of George Clooney‘s Batman and his nipples armour, but because of Uma Thurman‘s Posion Ivy, hence, I remember Bane! Bane is a criminal, in that version, who is injected with posion, which gives him strength, and he also has a head-gear to keep the poison gas going. I guess it is the same here, just that we don’t know what Bane is getting high on in this film. The counterpart for Dr. Pamela Isley I guess will be Miranda (Marion Cotillard), perhaps. Miranda is hot for Bruce too, and she sits on the board of Wayne’s enterprises. Talking about conflict of interests. Nonetheless, she is probably the only 1% that can bail out Wayne’s enterprises plummeting stock price.

Yes, the story, where am I? Bane! he becomes the warlord, the 1% are being kicked out of the upper-east-side’s apartments, their homes being ransacked, Gotham city is now ruled under anarchy, and to top it off, a nuclear-steel-ball will wipe the city out in 60 days-ish. However, Batman is broken literally, and incarcerated in Bane’s prison, where there is a stone-well-wall that anyone in there is allowed to climb out. Legend has it only Bane climbed out of it alive.

Batman is Gotham city! and vice versa, he either dies in that hole and let the city be nuked, or climbs out of the hole and saves Gotham city. Which one will he choose?! I guess you will have to see it yourself.

Finally, here is a summer blockbuster that is up to par! (Unfortunately got tainted by that horrific incident in Colorado…RIP!)



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