#TheGoods (2009)

English: Barbara Streisand

English: Barbara Streisand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You gotta see this! This is a no holds barred restricted “R” film, and it is a freaking funny film about used cars salesmen. Jeremy Piven plays Don Ready is the real deal delivering soliloquy after soliloquy, and he captures your attention throughout. Then you have Will Ferrell plays his dead friend giving him words of wisdom with angels serenading in the background, that is just hilarious.

Ben Selleck (James Brolin) owns a used cars lot, and cars are not moving, and he is about to close shop, and his last resort is to call in Don Ready, et al: Jibby Newsome (Ving Rhames), Brent Gage (David Koechner), and Babs Merrick (Kathryn Hahn). They are funny, funny, funny! So they are like Gods and Goddess of sales!

Stu Harding (Alan Thicke) is the rival who sells imports, and his son Paxton Harding (Ed Helms) is engaged to Ben’s daughter, Ivy Selleck (Jordana Spiro). Stu and Paxton wants to take over the lot … unless all the cars are sold by the end of the three days that Don has promised.

I have never seen something like this and it is all out there alright! If you get offended easily, tis best to stay away from it forever! Nothing is gross here, and I think it is quite tastefully done, despite the ram-up dialogues! (I bet some will say that I have a sick sense of humour, and I say lighten up it is a movie!) Best is to see it yourself! Some will get the humours, and some will not, unfortunately. BTW, of course, it is some sort of love story.

There is a cameo with Gina Gershon playing Don’s ex-girlfriend! and I wonder if Barbara Streisand approves her James Brolin’s bromance with Brent (that I find weird)?!  Also, the love between Babs and Peter Selleck (Rob Riggle) is totally inappropriate funny, cause Kathryn Hahn is really good and so is Rob Riggle! (See also How Do you Know (2010)



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