Red Riding Hood (2011)

For inspiration, Punchline drew on the cruelty...

For inspiration, Punchline drew on the cruelty found in fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Edward Gorey. “Staff Interview”. Atlus . . Retrieved 2011-03-19 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A spin on an old Grimm’s tale, but it is not as funny as the Red Riding Hood in Hoodwinked! (2005). Guess we all know the question: “Who is the Big Bad Wolf“?

I will say the movie is suspenseful and director, Catherine Hardwicke, succeeds in putting doubts in our heads. The hint is an encounter with the wolf itself when Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) speaks to it (Wonder why?). Suspect (1) is her fiancé, Henry (Max Irons) whose father, Adrien Lazar (Michael Shanks) was killed. Maybe he wants to take over his old man’s place as the leader of the lone wolf? (2) is her sweetheart, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), who keeps asking her to elope? Oh! there is Grandma (Julie Christie), suspect (3), and doesn’t the wolf dresses like her in the original story? How about the religious man, Father Solomon (Gary Oldman) with his weird story about killing his wife and right hand with sliver nails to boot, number (4)? Don’t we all love Clue (1995)?

Okay, the story. A village was once haunted by the attack of a werewolf 13 years ago, when the moon turned blood-red. 13 years later, the wolf is back, and the victim is Valerie’s sister, Lucie (Alexandria Maillot). The village folks kill a wolf and they celebrate. Father Solomon arrives in the village and tell them they are fool… cause the real thing lives among them!

The only problem is that I was not engaged watching it, cause none of the characters gripped me at all! not even Cesaire (Billy Burke) cheated by his wife, Suzette (Virginia Madsen). Sorry there is no charm between Peter and Valerie either! The only one who is putting up an act is Grandma, Julie Christie. Father Solomon, Gary Oldman, just reminds me of him in Dracula (1992) in that crusader armor…

The ending is cute and pretty. SKIP! … I should watch Hookwinked again! much better.


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