Going there: streaming! Web Therapy (2008-current); Where the Bears Are (2012)

I wrote in my Tech-blog Phobe2Phile that in the near future streaming and internet would be the new medium of distribution for quality shows and films (commercial) as bandwidths were getting cheaper and TV sets were getting more and more sophisticated, and so did tablets (Convergence! the last frontier?). I just find my evidence here with two shows that worth noting and of high production quality that will support what I was talking about:

L/Studio’s Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow plays Fiona Wallice, an on-line therapist, who receives her clients on iChat. On her iMac’s desktop, it even has an “Oprah Ideas” folder…that’s funny!

I am now watching Season 3 where part of the storyline is her “gay” husband, Kip Wallice (Victor Garber),who is running for Congress, is in conversion therapy with Camilla Bowner (Meryl Streep),who aims to bend him straight to make sure he has the right public image for the campaign. C’mon, this is Meryl Streep! How much more credits you need? WATCH! (Funny, when I was younger I didn’t think about how gender bias the electrical convention was: male and female adaptors!God bless Camilla, she can’t explain them better!!!)

It is now in its fifth season? on the website, all season 4 episodes are uploaded. Here is my point, all episodes can be watched on-line on my computer, tablet, or smartphone. True, cable companies are uploading materials to their on-demand sites, but they still have full control of them, cause they still have to pay. With internet distribution, I think the business model is that advertisers will pay directly, but shows producers will retain the rights of their materials. This is an emerging market, which is at the right time and right place, cause tablets are becoming part of the Tech-tools that eventually everyone will have at least one, which means portable entertainment units that need point-and-click media to support them. Bye-bye TV schedules!

Another similar production but targets for gay audience is Wherethebearsare? Penned as IT’S “THE GOLDEN GIRLS” MEETS “MURDER SHE WROTE” WITH BIG, HAIRY BEARS!

The main characters are Reggie Hatch (Rick Copp/Writer/Producer),Wood Burns (Joe Dietl/Producer/Director), and Nelson Dorkoff (Ben Zook/Producer/Director). The story is about a homicide investigation at the scene of Nelson’s birthday party! If you don’t know the gay sub-culture of bears, cubs, etc., then doesn’t it make this so much more interesting and fun to watch? I’ll just say it’s HILARIOUS! New Webpisodes are out Mondays and Thursdays. WATCH!

With all business ventures alike, eventually these will become pay-episodes, so watch them while they are FREE!

p.s. iTunes Festival just launched which gives a month streaming of free concerts at The Roundhouse, Camden, London. It’s an app that you can download. The evolution has started!


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