DayBreakers (2009)

English: Human blood magnified 600 times

English: Human blood magnified 600 times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dial back to 2009, this was another vampire movie, but with a twist: 95% vampire and 5% human on earth. Vampires run the world, and humans are hunted and milked for blood in captivity, and human blood is in short supply. Blood are rationed, and those who cannot get any, gradually degenerate into a lower form of the being: bat-man (Skeletal-human-form-with-bat-wings-round-green-eyes-and-fangs).

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), a doctor and haematologist, is researching for a blood substitute (True Blood dated 2008, perhaps, he should have checked out bottled synthetic at Bon Temps?!) to supplement dwindling supply of human blood, and the pharmaceutical corporation run by Charles Bromley (Sam Neill) is running out of patience. See, Edward never wants to be a vampire to start with, so we see his inertia or resistance to perfect his work. The “vampire” trial is explosive, shall we say? but still not ready for commercial use yet.

While Edward is driving in his day-light-proof car (it’s cool), and checking his pointy ear, he clips another van with humans. That’s when the story takes a turn, gladly not a love relationship, between Audrey Bennett (Claudia Karvan) and Edward. Audrey is an underground human trafficker to ensure humanity remains, with the help of vampire Senator Turner (Jay Laga’aia), is he also in AVL? Audrey leads Edward to an antique car mechanics, Lionel ‘Elvis’ Cormac (Willem Dafoe), under the shade of a big tree to avoid UV burn…Elvis was one of them before! but now a warm-heart-beating-blood-flowing human!!!

The resurrection! I dunno, think about it now, it’s a bit religious! It involves, fire, burn, water, and rebirth! Suffer before born-again?! Perhaps, I think too much, and there is really no religious connotation at all…

Well, while I was waiting for the save the world moment of big finale with human mass walking out under the sun, hands over their foreheads, eyes ajar, breathing in first drawn of fresh air, and no vaporization… guess, it didn’t end this way.

What is different with this film? the vampires and humans function the same, i.e., no superpower; there is not too much emphasis of immortality; and this one is way more brutal and visceral than any others. The final 10 minutes are quite visual, so behold of flying body parts!


P.S. Brother Frankie Dalton (Michael Dorman) turned his bro!


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