Crank: High Voltage (2009)

English: An image of an artificial heart exhib...

English: An image of an artificial heart exhibited at London science museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WTF! If you are ready for a brutally-comical-superhuman-bullet-shells-dropping-machete-cutting-blood-bath film with fast action and big laughs, and male and female raunchiness, you have picked a winner. I mean this can be totally bad, but the opposite it is totally fun to watch. (However, I will not condone anyone who is under legal age to watch this!)

This is certainly a video-game transformed film, the character, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) comes right out of Sony‘s PS3 Infamous, where the main character, Cole MacGrath in the game charges himself up with hydro power to do all sort of neat stuff, so does Chev Chelios.

Chev’s heart is being stolen by the Chinese triad right inside a make-shift operation theatre under the roof of a “massage parlour”. To keep him alive, he is given an artificial heart that runs on an external battery pack, so that they can continue to harvest him: his precious is next! Chev wakes up before he loses his crown jewels, and kills those bastards prepping him for surgery.

Fasten your seat belt, from there onwards, it is just like an amusement ride with no stopping! Chev meets up with her girlfriend again, Eve (Amy Smart), at a strip-joint, and now they are both running!

There is Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam), who is getting ready to operate on Chev as soon as he gets his stolen heart back, and there is Latino gang, the blacks, guns, bullets, naked women, crazy bitches (Ria, Bai Ling), race-track sex (1 minute at least)Oh yes, it also takes “stick it up ….” to a new height! Yes-way!

If you are in the mood for a crazy film that is vulgar, violent, hilarious, fun and absurd, here’s the deal! (Don’t watch this if you can’t take it as what it is!)



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