Resident Evil: Retribution 3D(2012)

English: The ficional logo of Umbrella Corpora...

English: The ficional logo of Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil series Português: Logo da empresa fictícia, Umbrella corporation da série Resident Evil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t know in 2010 there was Resident Evil: Afterlife, which means it doesn’t really matter because I enjoyed this one regardless. Besides, in the beginning, Alice (Milla Jovovich) does an executive summary of the franchise anyway!

The opening scene in 3D works really well, and I haven’t seen anything like this yet! (But you may have, so do share). If in 2D, it would have been totally amateurish!

So the story… yes, there isn’t really one. Alice is back inside the Umbrella corporation mega-building, captured and tortured; that is until the system needs to be re-booted after a power failure (guess no backup diesel power?!). Anyway, Alice transformed from two pieces of paper towel (front and back) to a tight leather outfit and is ready to kick some ass! Let’s say she passes level 2 of the game.

In level 3, new character is introduced, Ada Wong (Bingbing Li). Let’s roll back a bit in level 1, Alice had a husband, and has a daughter in somewhere of a suburb. By level 3, the suburb is a disaster zone. At this level, a five-men team led by Sergei (Robin Kasyanov) is on their way to save Alice by some sort of order.

In level 4, Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) controlled by the Red Queen is out to kill Alice and before she reaches her safe-point. The Red Queen has also sent a team of zombie- soldiers to whip out the five men. Bio-weapons are released as well (like one of those huge things shows up after you think you have finished annihilating anything in your path, and your fingers are sore and can’t do any-more super-combo hits).

In level 5, Alice’s daughter retrieved in 4 is under the guardian of Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) while mom Alice rendez-vous with now 3-men team. Yes, we lost Ada in level 3.

Level 6 is the highlight à la Aliens (1986). Level 7 is the mission accomplished. Level 8 Surprise, and 9 To Be Continued.

Very few dialogues, lots of actions. 3D looks really good! Sure, I will see it again, cause it is entertaining. That’s maybe I am a bit bias with Milla Jovovich‘s actions films, dated back to hers The Fifth Element (1998): The supreme being. She would be my first pick if there were ever going to be a heroins-version of The Expendables!

WATCH in 3D!


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