Faces in the Crowd (2011)

Hey remember The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) with Faye Dunaway as Laura Mars and the cop, John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones), well, if so then this is a derivative, but more fascinating to me is the medical condition Prosopagnosia or Face Blindness, with which the person lost the capability of recognizing faces. Imagine you are hanging out with your boy or girl-friend, the question is how do you know he/she is really your boy or girl-friend? See we take it for granted with face recognition, so without this cognitive function, prosopagnosia can really mess up one’s life. (I have included a link, at the bottom, to a report done by CBS’s 60 minutes…what it feels like is simply turning a face upside down and try to identify it). Fortunately, the different types of prosopagnosia affect either people who have a major trauma to their frontal lobe, or in a few cases, developmental.

So in both stories our heorines saw their respective suspected killers before they went “blind”, Laura, literally, and Anna Marchant(Milla Jovovich) now afflicted with face blindness. Anna is a witness to a murder, where the weapon is a sharp razor, and the mark of the serial killer is that he cries while doing his deeds. There is this boyfriend, Bryce (Michael Shanks), whom she has been living with for about a month. Two BFFs, Francine (Sarah Wayne Callies), and Nina(Valentina Vargas), with whom Anna hangs out at singles bar, where they drink, rate and pick out guys. Nina says,”…with your condition, it is like sleeping with another guy every night and don’t have to feel guilty about it…”; perhaps, that’s why people cheat? i.e., tired of the same old face! (Just thinking out loud).

Of course there is the cop, Sam Kerrest(Julian McMahon – Nip and Tuck), who as usual may have a crush on Anna?! There has been 6 killings, and no leads until Anna wakes up at the hospital, but with her condition, the DA is not convinced that she can stand as a witness. Sam’s buddy cop/shrink/profiler, Lanyon(David Atrakchi), is trying to get a kid, Nicholas(Coady Mayo), to talk after seeing his mom killed by the Tearjerk Jack (Spolier Alert: please go to IMDB after you watch the movie!). Well, Bryce can no longer handle Anna BS condition cause he can’t trust that she is 100% with him visually and psychically, so he drops her! (Perhaps, that’s a good thing anyway).You guess right, cop Sammy makes the move and gets the girl, and she sees him only! Dr. Langenkamp(Marianne Faithfull) says that one or two images just linger.

Despite this film is full of clichés, if you like Milla Jovovich in a non-combat role but with solid acting chops, this will be a good pick! Overall, this is a good film to watch with your partner on a Saturday night over popcorn and drinks?! The only thing to test sobriety after all the drinks washing down with the popcorn is that you don’t see as many versions of Kerrest, Bryce, Lanyon, Anna, Nina, Francine, and the killer as it does in this film, if you fail the test then sleep over it and deal with your hangover in the morning! at least it will be temporary.


CBS’s 60 minutes on Face Blindness


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