Movie Review: Dredd 3D (2012)



Love it, love it, love it! Sure, it was brutally violent, and there were lots of flying bullets. This re-boot of Dredd was certainly at par with another action film that I liked: Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)So here is a chicken or egg, philosophical question! Real life gun wars vs. 3D-celluloid guns violence…are they associated or worse theirs causation?

If you are in my age group 45-55, I bet you have done the Myers Briggs at least once, so if you have the “J” in your profile, you will love this film as much as I do! We love to judge and hurl compromised consensus! Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is police, judge and jury! and He is the Law. In the near future, humans are held in city blocks: vertical. There are more criminals than judges, and there are not enough time in a day to process crimes committed felons to keep these blocks safe. Drugs and gangs are the problem, and so is prostitution. Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) is the hooker turned viscous cartel controlling several blocks in the city, and is planning to expand her franchise. BTW, she castrated her pimp and had a mouthful of sausage and eggs(two maybe?)!! Anderson(Olivia Thirlby) is the rookie on patrol with Judge Dredd, and he makes it pretty clear how she will fail to become a judge.

This film has one set, and a few location shots, and the rest is CGI panoramic city views. The one set is inside block Peach Trees, which is like a vertical self-sustaining  mini-city. Dredd and Anderson are trapped inside while investigating three murders; Anderson identifies a suspect, whom they are planning to bring back to Justice Hall for interrogation. In other words, one judge, one rookie, in an orgy of criminals! what are the odds of survival? Making it worse, the block is on simulated lock-down. So, no GPS tracking, and no communications with the outside world. Well, the rest is pretty obvious, will they survive? and how?

Since we know this will be a franchise, so the likelihood of Dredd being killed is low. Rookie Anderson, that I can’t say. For cry out loud, she doesn’t even have a protective helmet. Let’s hope that she has some superpower to curtail any dangers firing her way, or at least some bullets-dodging skills learnt from Mr. Anderson-The Matrix  (1999).

The drug is a liquid puffer that vaporised when inhale, and it slows down time by 90%…i.e., things will happen in slow-motion. Yes, a lot of slow-mo shots, but appropriate. There is a slight twist to the story, which in fact helps Dredd to re-load his weapon, and continue up the floors to face Ma-Ma! Since Judge Dredd is wearing his helmet all the time, all I can say is that Karl Urban(Dr.Leonard “Bones”McCoy- Star Trek (2009); Vaako –The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)) has sexy lips, and a throaty voice.

Similar to the re-booted Total Recall(2012)we should see them as a new film with an old theme, cause, both can be equally brilliant. I certainly like this one equally with Judge Dredd (1995): Sylvester Stallone (Judge Dredd), Diane Lane (Judge Hershey), Armand Assante (Rico), and Joan Chen (Dr. Ilsa Hayden).

Definitely WATCH!


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