People Like Us (2012)

English: Chris Pine poses for a photograph at ...

English: Chris Pine poses for a photograph at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait following a screening of Star Trek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without Chris Pine, this film is nothing… so to speak. [Spoiler alert] the tear-jerking moment is right at the very end.

The cast: Sam (Chris Pine), Frankie (Elizabeth Banks), Josh (Michael Hall D’Addario) is Frankie’s son, Lillian (Michelle Pfeiffer) is the mom of Sam, and Hannah (Olivia Wilde) is Sam’s girlfriend.

The story: Sam is in serious trouble, and his father, a legendary record producer is dead, and he and Hannah are trying to get to the funeral, at least one of them. His father left him a shaving kit and his old records collection and the contents of his man-cave. Lilian is the widower, but mostly in the background grieving? perhaps. Frankie is a single mom, who works as a bartender raising a delinquent child, Josh, who has been summoned to the principal’s office multiple times. The meetings happen, perhaps, due to maternal neglects, or just a super-smart-bored-lonely-kid who needs explosive attention. Mom, Frankie is no saint either; she attends AA meetings, and  sleeps with her neighbour, Ted (Mark Duplass), during her insomniac nights.

What works: Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks are both good looking and carry their roles very well, so convincing that I overlook the weaknesses of the plot. In other words, with a different cast, I doubt I would have stayed the two hours. Michelle Pfeiffer still brings it, which also adds to the watch-able factor.

Weaknesses: If you sit down and really think about the plot, you quickly understand that it doesn’t make sense whatsoever. 1)The relationship between Sam and Frankie is so artificial that it is almost weird. 2)If Sam doesn’t have those sparkling blue eyes, he would certainly be arrested for being the “goldfish man” luring young kid in his car! 3)Sam is an opportunist, they don’t usually have a heart, so why the charade? In other words, given the money, he takes the money, and end of story 4) Really, a delinquent kid, Josh , so quickly attached to a stranger, Sam? I don’t care if it is in their DNAs, really really! (See point 2)

Anyway, I really like Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, and they make this film work; I think, director, Alex Kurtzman, should give them all the film’s profit.

WATCH if you are a fan of Chris Pine.


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