Cloud Atlas (2012)

“Everything is connected” so the official website touts; the question is whether you buy into the concept. By no means, this is a new paradigm, especially for those like me who believe in parallel universe, time travel, or any other metaphysical theorems; hence, the phrase is really about quantum mechanics. In other words, at the sub-atomic level, one disputes that we are all connected and there is no clear distinction of a beginning nor an end. Randomness rules the sphere at that level. If you are intrigued then What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? (2004may bring about more questions.

Watching a film as such anchors on what you believe, as Sonmi-451(Doona Bae) points out, to be the truth. So the best way to enjoy this three-hour film is to free your mind and let the scenes take over your logical chronology-based mind! If everything is connected, then time and space are irrelevant, cause there is no need to account for them moment by moment,or artificially to link events together. The ingenuous film editing will help you to achieve this right about the second act. There may be six stories (sextet), but I see clearly a play in three acts: orientation, connection, and resolution. Here lies the challenge for us, cause how do we suspense what we are good at: categorizing things? whether it is time, races, dangers, emotions, behaviours… We are forever categorizing to reduce our dissonance! Pity.

Being big fan of the Matrix Trilogy (Lana and Andy Wachowski) and Run Lola Run (Tom Tykwer), I wanted to see this film regardless. I will probably need to see it several times on DVD again to really appreciate it: I have seen the forest, I want to see the trees.

I am not going to tell the story here, because by now you can just google or watch the trailer to get the essence of the film. Nonetheless, the universal themes I perceived are:

1) Love 2) humanity 3) humour 4)freedom 5)sameness vs. uniqueness 6)orders 7)rebellion 8)beliefs 9)good vs. evil 10)creation [next generation]

Have you ever lied down on a beach watching the clouds go by? How do you know the age of each cloud? is there such a thing? are clouds cloud (same) or is it a cloud (unique)? Haven’t you stared at them and watch them slowly change shapes or quickly with the help of wind? If clouds form because of evaporation of the ocean, and rain falls back to the ocean, then perhaps, clouds are as old as the ocean, cause at the molecular level those are the same H2O that remains, or is it created , throughout the centuries?! and since earth is a closed system, the source is constant. In other words, it is an infinite cycle…

Where are we from, what is our path, and who are we? 2012 definitely has some stellar films attempt to answer those: Prometheus, Looper, and now Cloud Atlas.



3 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas (2012)

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  2. life as an infinite circle, for me this is the best movie out there about us, about our life from beginning to end, although there is probably no end. But just as you said I need to watch this a couple more times to see the trees. great post!


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