Skyfall (2012)

English: This chart uses a logarithmic scale t...

English: This chart uses a logarithmic scale to chart the cost of producing a James Bond film and relate it to the profit, measured in dollars made per dollar spent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

James Bond (Daniel Craig) ought to smile a bit more is what I am going to say. I understand these three Bond films à la Craig are much darker and personal, but I am just hoping he has some other Bonds’ suaveness and humour. I know he is sexy, but it is that macho, and aloof kind of sexy, y’know ….

As expected and following tradition, the opening scene is a cat and mouse chase in Turkey: street marché, street étroit, an Audi, a Range Rover, confused pedestrians,… tile roof jumps, bullets, train: the USUAL, which leads us to Bond’s grand escape, and the theme song. So if you were to tweak it a bit, what will it be in this sequence?

In this film, MI6 is under-attack, and as shown in the blown-up scene of the head-quarter in the trailer. The question begs asking is whether MI6, CIA, KGB and the likes are still relevant in the age of computer hacks?! Spies are now spywares and malwares reside in untraceable servers, and when attacks are launched, no one can really pinpoint it. So if you were James, 007, will you worry getting canned or pink-slipped soon? Sure, the film has many ironies used and contrasting characters, which BTW, has itself become a new paradigm in most films I have seen in the last two years: the demographics mix! True, film is a good vehicle to reflect on our current social issues: Boomers vs Gen “?” ers

So by now I guess you got my drift! the undertone of this film is whether if we have seen it all? As least Silva (Javier Bardem), the nemesis, thinks so! I understand he is the comic relief…but he isn’t really! I parallel him with Joker (Heath Ledger) in The Dark Knight (2008). Maybe a bit lighter, but still a dark character.

Here’s my point, I found it hard to be engaged with this film. Don’t get me wrong, the film is gorgeously made by Sam MendesAmerican Beauty (1999). I understand why he made it this way, and it makes perfect sense when it ended. I guess I was going in for a beer, but I realized it was a glass of good old scotch!

If you are in no hurry to see it,or don’t feel left out at the water-cooler, and have 55-inch or larger TV, then get the blu-ray and savor it at the leisure of your own home!

And remember these three Bond films are really the pre-quels to what most of us grow up with… lastly, Ben Whishaw – Cloud Atlas (2012)is cute playing Q.



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