The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

If you are a die-hard romantic then you must see this film. There is a natural charm between David Norris (Matt Damon) and Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) since the day they met in the men’s after David’s lost his Senate election campaign. Somehow, they transcended chemistry, which is rare and especially with Hollywood failed attempts pairing up the next “IT” star-couple on screen.

The premise is about fate and free-will. It really depends of your outlook of life, doesn’t it. Most people think they craft their own destiny, while others may think that there is a plan crafted, and that they merely proceed accordingly. That will also bring the question of coincidence, and the belief of it. One often says that if it happens three times, it is hardly an coincidence.If it is not, is it planned? Shall we just wait for money to fall from the sky then? or what part of it do we really have a choice?

David is destined for big things and he keeps changing the plan that was drawn out for him, because he is destined not to be with Elise. If it happens, both will lose their careers. So if you were David, will you stay in course, and wait for the money and fame to roll in? or screw all that to be with the one you “love” ? So the Adjustment Bureau is run like a corporation, with its chairman, and the corporate structure is bureaucratic, Dah! There is a hierarchy among its employees. Their job is to make sure no one under their watch deviates form the plan. In the extreme case, one will be reset with no memory of the past.

See, we are making decisions the moment we wake up everyday, the first is whether to get out of bed … and the rest of the day,we keep doing the same. How we do it? it can be based on habits, path-of-least-resistance, mimicking, … and at the end of the day, we navigate ourself back to bed. With that theory in mind, as we watch this film, subconsciously we are making decisions for the characters as well, and we wait to see if the outcomes are what we expected or if they prove us wrong. So the real question is whether we can be truly be “Free”? cause there are so many things that will influence our thinking and decision making, it seems.

Until the day we can walk the street naked and slap someone with no reason, then at that moment we are free! In fact, recently I thought about this question, and my conclusion is that the moment we are conceived, an egg and a sperm, we are not free, we are immediately bounded by the laws of biology…



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