Magic Mike (2012)

A lighter exposé of the lives of male strippers, what a fresh idea? especially, we have seen tons of female strippers’ movies like Showgirls (1995). Magic Mike (2012), in fact, is quite original to the extent of the gender difference and the respective dance moves;otherwise, their stories are the same, male or female, is what this film is saying to us?! In other words, if you get yourself in a shitty place, it is hard to pull yourself out of it! There will be exceptions, but rare. In addition, as usual love is never real for them.

Such pessimism… or realism?!

The premise is simple, are you the rising star or the past dimming star? the younger will eventually take over the older, and the older always wants a come-back to prove that he still got it! Young naive star getting it too soon and too fast, and is bound to trip and fall … sure, there is always the one who keeps his soul clean and rise above it all, it is just a gig! And ‘true’ love conquers all.

Magic Mike(Channing Tatum); Dallas(Matthew McConaughey);Adam(Alex Pettyfer);and Brooke(Cody Horn) respectively.

I don’t feel anything for anyone in this film… perhaps, the story is either too stale or the film is too real! nonetheless, the dances get tired after the second run anyway. I know the problemo, these male strippers are just not bitchy and conniving enough as females’ would! Pity.





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