Unknown (2011)

Eggs, Flour, butter, sugar, and baking powder mix together doesn’t always make a good pound cake, although the right ingredients are all there. Why? Personal taste!

I am pretty sure this film is banking on the idea of the Bourne’s franchise. Amnesia, lost identity, who-am-I, big city, collateral damages… but one thing right at the start, I had no rapport with Dr. Martin Harris(Liam Neeson).Yes, there was one line that I caught on spoken by his wife Liz(January Jones) at Berlin’s immigration that aroused my interest a bit, but there was not much at this point to tie it to the plot until mid-way through. So the first half was efficient to create doubts that Dr. Harris is, in fact, He, cause he has a concussion after a cab fell into a river with driver Gina(Diane Kruger), who pulls him out to shore. At the hospital, the doctor warns him of the usual memory loss and confusion, blah, blah… On his insistent, he releases himself from the hospital. Strange thing is that his wife was never beside him?!

I see, Liz is with Dr. Harris (2) (Aidan Quinn), and has no recollection that she has ever been with Dr. Harris (1). Dr. Harris (1) is furious! Okay, I thought a scientist should well understand his own condition… guess, it explains the plot that he perhaps never took Advanced Human Biology and Physiology in his “real” life. While it is fuzzy still at this point, I thought that it could be pulling The Sixth Sense(1999)?!But after half way, I knew it wasn’t. Nonetheless, it had reviewed to us that it was an assassin plot confirmed by Ernst Jürgen(Bruno Ganz), who belonged to the East Germany Stasi! Jürgen was referred to Dr.Harris (1) by the demure nurse…

When Dr.Rodney Cole(Frank Langella) shows up, you know something is not right at all, and that’s when everything suppose to make sense. As expected, Dr. Harris(1) fights with Dr. Harris(2) and big concrete block fell on head, violà,  he gets his moves back! Funny, I thought this type of secret agenda is always a one-shot deal, they were clever to have a back-up Dr. Harris (2)…AH! I see like an understudy. I don’t think Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible will ever approve that!

If you like the usual amnesia, car chases, who-am-I, mystery killers, then watch it. Me, I will watch either Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt again and again, rather.



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